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Preppy, Classy, and Beautiful girls.

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im preppy [Mar. 18th, 2005|03:29 pm]
Preppy, Classy, and Beautiful girls.
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stephie, but my nickname is pin
-Job [if so what?]-
nope ..im a student
-Single or Taken-
-Pets [if so what?]-
2 puppies - boston terriers, nina and tux
-Favorite Stores-
hollister, urban outfitters, lacoste, nordstrom, coach, abercrombie
-Favorite Makeup- mac, clinique and sephora
-Favorite Color- pink and green

-Top 10 Bands-
(in no order) maroon 5, britney spears, pitbull, the killers, eminem, 50 cent, alicia keys, green day, and spice girls =)
-Top 5 Movies-
chicago, aladdin, the notebook, dirty dancing havana nights, and bridget jones diary
-What do you think is your best quality/feature?-
my personality. im a fun loving person and im open minded.
-Pearls or Silver-
-Cosmo Girl or Teen Vogue-
teen vogue.
-Abercrombie or Hollister-
hollister, just because even though im well off, im not made of money and its somewhat cheaper then abercrombie
-Dooney and Burke or Coach-
coach has always been my favorite designer ever.
-Flats or Heels-
love flats better. im more comfy in them, but if im going to a party or event, then heels
-Straight Hair or Curly-
straight hair.
-Eye color-
dark brown
hanging out with friends, movies, parties, dancing, acting, reading, writing, shopping, sleeping, listening to music, taking pictures, boys
-What does it mean to be classy and preppy?-
to be classy, you respect yourself and you respect others. you know your limits, and you dont excede them. you are a nice, open minded person, but you stand your grounds. to be preppy, you have to have class. preps always want to look their best no matter where they go, and they're proud of looking their best. they have confidence in themselves and others, but not so much that it sounds like they;re concieted or obsessed.
-What do you look for in a guy?-
its obvious that i would look for good looks, thats just natural. but personality is always first.kindess, sillyness, and humor is essential, but they have to know when to be serious and romantic. i would hope that theyre taller than me, but thats not a problem considering im only 4'11
-How'd you find this community?-
i searched preps in interests and this one came up
-Promote to someone or a community and leave link here (Mod will check and use the banner)- flynena25

-3+ Pictures here-

me on the left

the left

on the right

on the very right

on the right ( me with my best friend )


thank you !