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Preppy, Classy, and Beautiful girls.

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[Apr. 13th, 2005|02:47 pm]
Preppy, Classy, and Beautiful girls.

-Name- Fuh Q
-Age- 78
-Location- Hot wet schloshy vaginatown, East Shit USA
-Job [if so what?]- I'll give you a hint, like tell your dad he owes me forty bucks for swallowing
-Single or Taken- Single during the day and totally taken by like four sweaty men allll night. You know how I like it. Sandy and cold.
-Pets [if so what?]- I only have my pussy!!!!! But I shave it every other day. It gets messy when my balding sets in!
-Favorite Stores- Castle Boutique!
-Favorite Makeup- Like, I only use one kind. Red lipstick. And then i smear it all over my chin to make myself look like a french whore! like I totally learned it from You!!!!!!!!! Don't Lie Vicky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Favorite Color- Blood red, like my period.
-What do you think is your best quality/feature?- I can deep throat.
-Pearls or Silver- Anal beads only come in plastic.
-Cosmo Girl or Teen Vogue- Hustler: Almost 18!!!!!
-Abercrombie or Hollister- Neither! Like, YEA!!!!!
-Dooney and Burke or Coach- like, only what my role model Paris wears!!! SHe is like so smart and cute and her porn video was GREAT!
-Flats or Heels- Stuffed, like your bra.
-Straight Hair or Curly- My pubes are curly, i need to get them straightened
-Eye color- Blue, like my thong!!!!!!!
-Hobbies- Blow jobs, teen sex, anal sex, double oral sex.
-What does it mean to be classy and preppy?- To be superficial, a future waitress at denny's, a slut for ugly jocks, and the class bitch.
-What do you look for in a guy?- Anyone who can last for over an hour/
-How'd you find this community?- I was looking for people who I know I would hate. And you are the perfect match you fuckheads. I hope you fucking choke on your diet pills and die.
-Promote to someone or a community and leave link here (Mod will check and use the banner)- www.fuckme.com www.itsatrap.net
-3+ Pictures here-